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Although it's hard to keep up with the next trend on Twitter, the latest additions to the bucket list are #Binod Memes. The latest trend has surprised many users, wondering 'who is this viral binod', while others have wondered what a real binod should feel '- the platform is full of satirical jokes and lively titles.

How did it start?

For the unreadable, it all started with a video released by the YouTube channel Slay Point, where the creators decided to explore the Abhudaya and Gautami comment section, which they called the "worst" in one of their videos. The July 15 video, titled "Why Indian Comments Section Is Garbage (Binod)", shows its audience the bizarre and crude comments left by YouTube users. He noticed a comment made by user Binod Tar, who wrote the name "Binode" a little below the video and this naturally hindered him.

Why are binode memes trending?

The creators performed a lot of fun situations, when asked each question, the answer was only one: Binod. Soon, many Indian YouTubers saw Binode writing on his comments and it quickly became a trend on stage. Cut from August, this comment from his video has now caught the attention of many domestic competition makers, with the hashtag Binod becoming the top trend on Twitter.

Now, just as people thought everything was cake, the indigenous people are thinking that everything is a binode. Check out some #bnode memes from Twitter:

However, before the binary memes took Twitter by storm, there was a big discussion on Reddit, where a dedicated sub-Reddit group was dedicated to such memes.

And YouTubers, who accepted the huge success, changed the account details of the "Binod Founder" and welcomed the members of the "Binod Army".

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